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With or Without You

I think everyone would feel like this, if not all the time, then once in a while.

Past weeks/days, I have amusingly gotten in more trouble than any other time. I dont care thou, because it was all worth it. Whether to actually live my life and have fun, or to stay and comfort someone that needed someone to just hear them out. My eyes have really opened up to who people really are, and what friends are

I recently wrote a poem, and from how I feel, more to come. A poem called ' De-Obscene', from a experience unlike any other; the feeling of someone just grabbing your hand in tears and holding on while saying ' thank you..' can really leave someone in thought.. . .

One of the fun nights in Riverside and Mo Val. from Sun night going too Mon. morning Halloween.

Quite the passive game to take your mind off things. Its come to be my new hobby.

Always enjoyable. Seeing how I've never been to Gladstones which is like a couple feet from Malibu Beach. Very nice.

Last night I hanged with Andrea..and actually had fun. Seeing with my mood I thought it wouldnt be, but turned out wrong. Too bad no camera. Starbucks, the mall, shakeys, game sessions on Univ. good times.

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as long as it was worth getting in trouble life to the fullest,i know i do. iwant to be able to tell me kids ive been there,done that, iwas once a kid unlile those parents who have no idea what the hell is going rock on,kick ass, and enjoy long as your having fun keep having it while u can,life is short live it to the extreme! by the way...the white shirt really works for you ;)

<3 ya

haha I wore the shit shirt to the job interview.

yup. Hopefully got some bonus points there.
look at guillen!
fo sho (UgH)
I mean,'yup'.

Deleted comment

yea last night i was fin. up with a shirt and stuff, and when I realized I was already done I signed off.
and yea that is a cover song off DM
speaking of which I made a typography piece from their song, Blasphemous Rumors, I'll link it to you cause I posted it on a DM community.
Clicking on a random user in jason's live journal leads me to you?

You've found me.

You know what to do.
done and done