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Play Dead

Got back from taking my bro. to regis. so hot. turned out he has Pruett as well.
Meet up with Amber, helped her out, and gaver her a ride. Turns out Wendy is now employed at the Ross Wherehouse as well. I'm really worried for her working there, cause my mom works there, coming home with bruises and taking back braces.
And finding out that wendy is now there, iam worried, seeing how i care for her and stuff. My mom has app. gotten used to working there, she made friends and all and stuff. but all in all. wherehouse working is pain to me.
Mother being in Mexico taking care of another grandpa of mine, which is my top prority, which explains why i dont give a fuck bout other stuff.

Glad I was able to get away from stuff, which I thank Mario L., Aly G., Renae, and Mike for all coming to a dinner at Benihannas' (or however you spell it). Next time I guess were planning Gladstones in L.A.
Went to the Wherehouse of collectables with Phill over on City of Indus. Always get amazed at the sutff they have there. I'm saving $30 to buy actually steel Batman Batarangs. I didnt know they make those, there sharp as hell too.

Then school coming up. nervous abit. might see wendy on thurs. D'armmani soon to ' take over a wall'.
"Focker out"
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