The London Bridge did fall (bohemian_dandy) wrote,
The London Bridge did fall

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I am back on livejournal and online, after bout a month of just recollection and thought I guess. bout lot of things,
Still some things I must patch up thou.
Am getting a job hopefully as a graphic desginer or a layout artist on mon. Just have to bring in some drawing so they see what I can do. Pay $10, so it aint bad a start for a first job.
Since this place is in Perris, bout 20 min. from here, I am still deciding and looking for something closer round here, but thats what Iam going for.

Been trying to boost myself-motivation and stuff by going out on jogs and stuff. Its almost like therapy for me, cause i dont clears my mind, and it feels good after the run that I am able to run what I couldnt when I WAS in school.

" I guess what makes me happy the most is that you have people around you, that care bout you. "
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