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I'm studying for my earth science final right now. I dont think I really needed too, cause even if I failed it, I would still pass. I'm VeRy Concerned bout my Econ class. Just the thought that if I failed that stupid test I wont graduate on time. I'll begin to study after earth science

I have alot of projects to do. I have my limo project that I'm trying to work on. The final for photography, Iam gonna bring some props tomm to school. and Iam going to use Wendy. I'm going to literally try to decompose her with what Iam thinking of. This is the big one for me.
Banquet coming up. find something to wear.Iam going to drive there so if anyone wishes to join, your welcome too.

Iam a bit nervous bout the graduation get-together that mother and me are putting together..cause it might be a lot of people.

back to study
Diana BeTtEr take a copy of Pruetts final...
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