The London Bridge did fall (bohemian_dandy) wrote,
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This is like ' your almost glad to be handicapped '

I want to do a photoshoot. It would be my last big project before the year is over. So far I have
Elysha - Innocence
Mario - The Priest
Ally - Gossip Girl (1 of 2)
I still need someone to be the drug addict, a business man and another gossiper. I have people and stuff.
Thing is, next week I think is finals..and I dont want to do this during that time. Fuck. I fucking hate not having a car sometimes.
Oh well. learn to live without.

I have one last resort to see bout Jasons grad. thing. to go to the other board member next door. haha and talk with her and ask bout this...and actually ask her what are the options and what could be done. Cause I think we failed on doing so with out last meeting.
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i said ill be the druggie
pic. came out good.
thank you
hey bryan can i be the gossip girl hahaah
sorry. I ended up changing my mind bout using gossip girls, cause it would over-crowd the pic.
fine hahahah