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You cant begin to feel, fuck you

This week just wasnt exactly my week, It was so gloomy and dismal for me.
Seems as if Elysha is just out of the picture now. I was glad cause she was very open with me today, but not as glad to find out what she did for the 2nd time, seeing the fact that I really liked her.

My mom is like the mother every teen would want to have just to hate. haha

My mom found out that I was absent that one fri. me, Jason, Isabel and Jeff went to the mall and stuff. And now she wants to go talk to some of my teachers. She's stupid cause, what is that gonna help, thats not gonna do anything. Plus, like Miller, Salley are like always marking me absent from time to time even when I am there. So I can just say that. I told her that, but she said, that she can get to believe me, but she wants to know for sure. Fuck, whats done is done, Its not like talking with my teachers is gonna change the absence. Bitch

I was a bit depressed today in the begining. It wore off a bit as the day went on thou. So sorry Isabel if I didnt really talk to you, still love u.

When I got home, my dad got me a copy of Finding Neverland. For being a bootleg copy, the dvd is like a real damn dvd. haha I mean it has like the interactive menus, deleted scenes ..everything. It was a good movie. After the movie I slept for like 3 hours and woke up, and started playing video games. Iam gonna go play again.

Iam taking my driving test next fri. Now I can drive out of here, instead of drowning in my pool of self-pitty and trying to climb out of it.
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