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If you see Ally, give her a hug

Well, the piece is finally complete after bout a week and a half of work. Contenet with the various things people said, and I'm not just exaggerating what they, thats what they actually said there at the top on the pic.

Clearly the most gore I've ever done

Entered the Art Expo, payed my due and turned in 3 pieces today..and I'm just more content at the fact that people will see my stuff more that wining anything.

Thank you Ally. luv you.


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this is amazing.
and i love it.
and i love you!!
missed you today at school.
I didnt know that you entered a piece at that art expo. thing as well.
i entered a piece?!!!?



May 26 2005, 05:20:52 UTC 11 years ago

this shit if fucking tight homie keep up the good work u goign to be a fuckign master at this sumday

Deleted comment

I know, cause the one I entered was just another pic. entered like everyone else.
But the pic. of me with stitches did well.
ur talented!!
Thanx. shit took me forever, but it came out worth it in the end.