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Why am I becoming friends with the guy who's painting my house?

I really do not want to call Ally's Frank a jerk, but man he really had nerve. In finding out what happ. did get some-what mad, and upset for her.
I now have to find this guy that me and my mom know that may help Jason out in his situation, but man...what if?

I had a dream that involved many people I knew. Elysha crying on my shoulder, Mandi talking to Elysha. Wendy and Amber telling me that drugs are good. haha Also drawing some weird symbol on Amber
I'm going to start taking note of my dreams again. I tend to forget how much idea they can spark for something to create

fuck man, I cant find this cd I need that had alot of my work, tutorials, brushes, pics. and stuff. Since now fucking picture trail wont let me get to my account unless I upgrade. piece of shit.

I wanted to enter that art expo. thing, but i'm afraid im not good enough to show anything, or rather my work is not good enough to be shown..either way..I dont know. Then again, it would be cool if I can get me name and sort of style out. well see.
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