The London Bridge did fall (bohemian_dandy) wrote,
The London Bridge did fall

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I d-loaded the new NIN video and saw Twiggy in it playing bass. that was cool
I have been trying this week to come out with another good project pic. in photoshop, but I cant seem to do it sometimes cause what I attempt takes along time to perfect
Didnt go to prom, I kind of wish I did cause everyone was there, even the ones I have not really talked to in 2 years

I really must start getting my act together when it comes to tests for classes, end of the year a month away, and I need to come out a bit stronger in things. Esp. in Econ and Millers.
So Elysha wants to take me to a club in upland called Oasis. I'm not sure yet. Since she goes every Thurs, and I dont feel like going and coming back at 3am and then having to go to school next day. maybe over the summer.
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